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Connection to Self, One-Another, Earth and Spirit

Inspiration Throughout the Year

Living Tree events are opportunities to explore connection unplugged from the internet and plugged into place, story, the sweat of work done, conversations over meals and art arising from interactions. We create collaborations, programs and paradigms of living together that counteract the increasing speed and cultural isolation arising from modern hyper-technological society.

Each Living Tree Jewish event carries with it a spiritual gift, one that gives us inspiration throughout the entire year. This gift is the special essence of the event. Rabbi Sholom Noach Brezovsky, in Nesivos Shalom (Vol. II, p. 189), teaches us that each one of these meeting points has its own spiritual energy that offers us a unique opportunity for growth at that time. Our festivals follow the rhythm of the Hebrew calendar, mark our communal times together and are an opportunity to reincorporate the essence of the festival into our lives and connect around universal parts of our shared humanity no matter what creed, background or foundational stories you come from.

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Tour the Co-Housing Community

  Co-housing Tours Join a resident member for a tour of the community and learn about what it looks to live at Living Tree Cohousing. We will visit some of the house-sites and share about the process of becoming a member resident..    Virtual Tours and In-...


Community Day on the Farm

Sunday, June 13, 2021;  3pm - 5pm  Sunday, July 18, 2021 Sunday August 8, 2021  This coming season we will gather once a month on a Sunday to work and play on the farm together where we plant and harvest as a inter-generational community.  We teach universal Jewish...


Yoga in the Pavilion

Yoga in the Pavilion   At Living Tree Alliance  in the Pavilion             Saturday, June 13, 10am - 2 hour Shivananda Class with Misa Dikengil   $30 - bring check or pay on PayPal and add 3%fe   Childcare is a available during the Yoga class for kids...

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