Yom Kippur Family Forgiveness Hike & Break-the-Fast Potluck 

Create a new ritual for Yom Kippur combining forgiveness and the solace of nature. On our family-friendly one-mile hike, we’ll explore the main themes of this holiday: “I am sorry. I forgive you. Try again.” This experience will help us embrace an important Jewish teaching: that we all make mistakes and that the most important lesson is to keep on changing. 

This program is designed for elementary-aged children and their parents/caregivers.

After the hike, we’ll gather for a break-the-fast community potluck, so bring a vegetarian dish to share!


When: Sept. 25, 2023
Hike, 3:30 pm
Break-the-fast potluck, 5 pm

Where: Living Tree Alliance
110 Living Tree Lane, Moretown, VT
Follow the drive to the parking area, then follow the signs to our gathering point

Suggested donation: $18/person, $30/family