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Mission of School to Farm Programs:

Bringing wisdom, joy, and connection to each other through regenerative agriculture education.  

Vision: We believe that promoting sustainable land practices through experiential education has the power to enhance communities both large and small.

Field Trips  

 Living Tree Alliance offers farm field trips for schools in the area, with high quality educators on our working farm.  

We are grateful to have a working relationship with Harwood Union Middle and High School.  With Living Tree Alliance being adjacent to the school through the woods, we are able to host regular educational classes and apprenticeships with the students and teachers.  We also work with the community at large to grow produce for the Mad River Pantry. This is an exciting connection that we intend to foster for the long term. 

Bring your class for an engaging experience that entails COVID-19 safe protocols.

We are currently scheduling field trips for the fall, sugaring, and spring season. We also have high school apprenticeships available. To schedule a School-to-Farm Field trip contact us at 

Farm & Forest Explorations 

Spring and Fall Outdoor Education Program

 For Children 7-11 years old 

Wednesdays 9am-3pm

Spring Program:  Wednesdays, May 19 – June 9; 9am-3pm

 Fall Program: Fridays, September 10 – October 15; 9am-3pm

The Farm Exploration program provides a safe environment for children to spend the day while learning about ecology, food systems, and growing food. It is designed to provide students with authentic, hands-on experiences that build connection to the local environment, promote critical thinking, and cooperation among peers. 


We provide opportunities for students to connect with nature, teach the benefits of local foods & healthy ecosystems, increase understanding of biodiversity in our region, and grow healthy food for our community using regenerative agricultural practices that benefit the land, waterways, wildlife and people of the Mad River Valley and beyond. 

 Food grown together will be prepared together, sent home for families to use, and donated to the Mad River Food Pantry. 


To Register fill out this application and send your payment to: 

Living Tree Alliance, PO Box 532, Moretown, VT 05660

 Or via Paypal, however please add a $10 surcharge fee with PayPal payment.

Spring Program (4 weeks) – $240

Fall Program (6 weeks) – $360


Farm Camp 

Farm camps include: time in the garden harvesting and planting, preparing farm fresh food, harvesting and cooking wild foods, making herbal medicines and teas, swim time in the Mad River, nature crafts, and forest explorations.  

We are currently scheduling visits to the farm for the summer of 2021.

For camps that Living Tree is offering in 2021 click here 


Available School Field Trips

(adapted for age groups)

Hoop House and Season Extension

Celebrate the value of hoop houses in Vermont for season extension and winter production without fossil fuels. Students will explore the requirements for plant propagation and participate in an experiment that introduces them to the greenhouse effect. Classes will harvest, prepare, and enjoy a salad in the hoop house. Potential Assessments: HS.05.03, HS.05.04, HS.06.01, HS.06.02, HS.06.04, HS.09.06, HS.10.04, HS.10.07 (Availability: Sept-Nov & March-June)


Experience the sugaring process from tapping to tasting! In the forest, students will learn tree selection and tapping technique. In the sugar house, students will meet the sugar makers and learn about the boiling process. Other activities include calculating sap output and investigating impacts of weather and climate on Vermont’s syrup industry. The trip will culminate with “Sugar on Snow” to be enjoyed fire side. Potential Assessments: HS.04.02, HS.04.04, HS.04.07, HS.05.11, HS.05.13, HS.O6.04, HS.06.05, HS.10.07 (Availability: March-April)

Understanding Food Systems: Garden Planting / Maintenance / Harvest (SOCIAL SCIENCES)

Investigate the impacts of our global food system and explore a more sustainable approach to food security. Students will use text and dialogue to enhance their understandings of the cultural, economic, social, and environmental implications of local food systems.  Farm activities may include the following: plant/maintain perennial beds, seed saving, harvest/prep/deliver produce for Harwood, etc. Potential Assessments: HS.05.02, HS.05.03, HS.05.04, HS.03.01, HS.03.03, HS.10.04, HS.10.07 (Availability: Sept-Nov & May-June)

Understanding Garden Systems: Planting / Maintenance / Harvest (STEM)

Design, plant, maintain, or harvest from the garden using systems-thinking approaches and permaculture principles. Students will have the opportunity to explore organic methods of maintaining a healthy farm ecosystem through activities that encourage experimentation, computation, and engineering. Potential Assessments: HS.06.01, HS.06.02,HS.06.03, HS.06.04, HS.06.06, HS.10.04, HS.10.07 (Availability: Sept-Nov & May-June) 

Healthy Eating / Wellness

Explore the components of a well-balanced diet as your class harvests from the garden and prepares a healthy snack. Students will learn strategies to incorporate locally grown items from each food group into their diets in cost-effective ways. Mindfulness and gratitude practices will also be emphasized.  Please note: this program is also offered as an in-class educational experience led by LTA staff. Potential Assessments: HS.09.03, HS.09.04, HS.09.05, HS.09.06, HS.10.04, HS.10.07  (Availability: Sept-Nov & March-June)

Apprenticeships / Job Shadows

We gladly offer job shadow and year-round apprenticeship opportunities for individual students interested in learning more about the homesteading arts. Apprenticeship topics could include garden design, planning, maintenance, planting, and harvesting, seed saving, trail maintenance, medicine making, building projects, and home-made crafts (such as candle dipping, baking, sprouting, etc).

Available Farm Camp Programs

(adapted for age groups)

Eating the Rainbow!

Explore the components of a well-balanced diet as your group harvests from the garden and prepares a healthy snack. Campers will learn strategies and benefits of incorporating locally grown foods and vegetables into their diets. We will harvest and learn about herbs and make fresh teas. Mindfulness and gratitude practices will also be emphasized. 

Future Farmers!

Design, plant, maintain, or harvest from the garden. Campers will have the opportunity to explore organic methods of maintaining a healthy farm ecosystem through activities that encourage exploration, discovery, and hands on problem solving. Visit farm animals and learn how they add to a healthy farm ecosystem.  

Community Connections: Server Learning Projects

Conservation in Action! A great addition to a program or an option for a stand-alone visit.  Projects occur on Living Tree Alliance’s 91 acre homestead and can include perennial and annual plantings, woodlot management, planting perennial beds,  or erosion prevention on the Mad River. 

Forest Ecology Foray

Connect to the forest through sensory exploration and play. We’ll search for life in the forest and the river as we gain insight into the value and beauty of our natural world.

Pollinator Possibilities

Plant a pollinator garden, learn how pollinators do their work, dissect flowers and meet the pollinators of LTA’s farm.

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