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Living Tree Alliance’s pilgrimage festivals honor the Jewish holidays that are traditionally known as Regalim Chagim, including Sukkot, Passover, and Shavuot.  “Pilgrimage is a crossing over into sacred time, an intentional stepping over the limen from the mundane into the mystical.  The pilgrimage of the hero is a search for wholeness, a way to explore outside the boundaries of what is familiar, and to use the experience to transform and deepen one’s personal and social worlds.” LTA’s pilgrimage festivals provide an opportunity for people of all faiths to mark communal times together with Jewish holiday cycles that provide transformational and meaningful experiences through nature connection, community, self reflection, and pausing.  

 – Purchase an inspiring pilgrimage walk to put up at your communities’ site for the holiday season  

(we will send pdfs for printing and laminating along with instructions for set up)

– Enjoy the Beauty at Living Tree Alliance for a social distance Pilgrimage Nature Walk 

Living Tree Alliance has been offering holiday pilgrimage experiences on our land in Moretown, VT for the past 5 years.  We install mindful walking experiences that take pilgrims through the kavannah (intention) of most of the Jewish holidays.  


In the wake of Covid, we know that a lot of communities are seeking ways to provide their congregants with meaningful socially distanced opportunities for engagements.  Now you can install these experiences for your community or congregation at a local park or on the grounds of your syngagogue/ community. These pilgrimages consist of between 10-15 guided meditations and reflections based in holiday and universal Jewish themes.  


Cultivate your communities’ sense of place and enhance their appreciation for earth based Judaism with a pilgrimage during the Holy Days or bring our seasoned Jewish educators to your synagogue on zoom.   


To order 1-3 pilgrimage sets contact us at info@livingtreealliance.com 


Pilgrimage available for Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Sukkot, Purim, or Shavuot

$197 for 1 set of pilgrimage walks.   $436 for the set of  3 pilgrimage walks of holiday of your choice 

What People are Saying:  

“I highly recommend these experiences! They are beautifully done. They’re wonderful in nature but also work in the built environment. We installed the Shavuot experience on the land around the synagogue building and our gardens and it was a lovely, contemplative walk that people did on their own, bringing them to the our shared space for a spiritual experience even when we couldn’t be inside and together.” 

– Jewish Educator Brattleboro, VT




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