Young-Adult Fellowships

Outdoor Education

Village-Building Fellowship, Oct. 13 – Oct. 27

Step onto the land with hands-on learning in an immersive village-building experience at Living Tree, Oct. 13 – Oct. 27!

The Village-Building Fellowship is for young Jews interested in learning about Jewish farming practices, Sukkot rituals, and community building. Each day will be packed with working blocks and learning opportunities led by rabbis, visiting teachers, and LTA community members.

Together, fellows will help organize and run the 11th annual Sukkot on the Farm festival (October 18-20). The festival is known for its meaningful land-based projects, good food, learning, and restful time amid the natural world. The fellowship cohort will learn how to put on a festival with the Art of Mentoring Acorn method; tasks include building the sukkah, planning programs, and facilitating participants. Other learning opportunities include bringing in the harvest, food preservation, and teaching techniques for the farm education center.

Fellows will immerse themselves in communal living: cooking and eating meals together (a groceries budget is included in the fellowship) and sharing living space in the Common House, which is equipped with a full kitchen, two living spaces, laundry, one and half baths, and plenty of sleeping space. It is situated centrally at Living Tree Alliance, with immediate access to a fire pit, the farm, hiking trails, and swimming spots. Fellows are encouraged to take advantage of the beautiful, autumnal Vermont region during their free time!

There will be group calls in the beginning of October to prepare for this experience and start the learning together! 

 Work-Trade Opportunities

We invite work trade on the farm in the summer months. Camping is provided for work on the farm. We ask that you commit to being here for one month. 

To apply –  email



“Living in community at Living Tree Alliance with other sojourners as well as locals from around the area made me feel at home. I loved our Shabbat dinners, celebrating Jewish rituals in new ways and re-connecting to nature! It was truly a privilege to be there and I can’t wait for my journey back there one day.” 

Farm Work Trade Individual in 2020

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