Nutrition Workshops


Nutrition Workshops

Living Tree Alliance offers a variety of community nutrition workshops to assist people toward meeting their health and lifestyle goals.  Programs designed to allow participants to connect with their body’s innate wisdom, while connecting with the natural world, and community support.  Get back to your optimal wellness! 


Garden Meals Farm Programs:    

Visit a working farm and prepare healthy meals together, while learning nutrition principles from Whole Foods Nutritionist Sephirah Stacey Oshkello. Hands-on approach to learning while building community connections.  

Community Nutrition Programs:    

Attend one of our in-person Nutrition and Health programs in the area to learn and engage in topics such as anti-inflammatory diet, mindful eating, and healthy lifestyle program; see details below.  

Online Health Programs:  

Group and individual programs offered via telecommunication.  Stay accountable with regular check-ins, build relationships with people going through similar issues, and learn from professional dietitian and Whole Foods Health Coach. 

Programs run by 
Stacey Sephirah London-Oshkello, MS, RD, CD  offers nutrition counseling, health coaching, and ritual crafting for adults seeking to align with their body’s innate wisdom to bring about optimal wellness. With 20 years of experience teaching and leading group wellness workshops & cleanse programs; Stacey Sephirah supports people with ways to find a balanced healthy life and creates meaningful rituals for transformation. She is passionate about supporting people toward finding a lifestyle that is nourishing and brings about holistic healing. Stacey Sephirah loves spending time on her community farm growing food and sharing in meaningful celebrations that connect to self, community, nature, and spirituality.


What people are saying: 

“I have lost 30 pounds while following this program, lowered my blood sugar and yet still seems strange to continue losing weight while not on a diet” 

Sephirah has given me hope that this time I can actually stick to a healthy diet. It’s great how she meets you where your at.”

“This program taught me that I can feel full, enjoy foods I like, heal and fine tune what I notice about my body.” 
“Sephirah is a wise, loving, and deeply intuitive healer who draws upon her understanding of body, mind and spirit to design and facilitate rituals that are deeply healing and transformative.” 

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Upcoming Workshops

Nutrition Workshops

Anti-Inflammatory Diet

A group program to feel your optimal, for people dealing with auto-immune disease and chronic ailments with nutritionist and health coach Stacey Sephirah Oshkello, MS RD CD. This program will bring down your inflammatory response and allow you to feel nourished...

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