Valley Teva Camp     
July 24–28, 9 am–3 pm

Join us for a full day of fun on the farm and in the forest! This camp will engage your child in all their senses, with lots of fun outdoors, and connection to food and the earth.

We start the day with games, gratitude, and farm activities. Throughout the day we enjoy the fresh farm produce, learn how to cook, create yummy healthy treats, explore the woods, and play in the river—all while exploring universal Jewish values of kindness, cooperation, learning, and gratitude.  Ancient stories and some Hebrew will be integrated into our day as well.   

Kids will be placed in two groups: 

  • Perach:  7–12 years old (led by Israeli Living Tree summer co-housing resident, Gabe Axler)
  • Nitzan: 4–6 years old (led by preschool specialist Lauren Maple)  

Offered on Living Tree Alliance’s educational farm in Moretown, Vermont. People of all faiths welcome, as we will explore universal values and play in nature together.    

Camp fee: $299
Sibling discount: 10% off

Click the button below to register. For each camper registering, please send a $50 nonrefundable deposit via PayPal (this requires an additional $10 processing fee) or through the mail at PO Box 532, Moretown, VT 05660. For questions, reach out to us at

Camp Out For the Week as a Family

Families are invited to camp on the beautiful land at Living Tree for the week. Send your child to camp for the day and go off and explore the beauty of Vermont! Hike Camel’s Hump, swim in the Mad River, or just enjoy the bounty of the farm. Or work remotely during the day. 

There will be a community outdoor kitchen set up, where you can prepare your meals and have access to potable water and refrigeration.  

Camping fee: sliding scale $30–$40 per night; $125–$150 per week. Register through the camp registration, above. Children under 18 years old must be accompanied by a parent or guardian to camp out.

And stay for an Intergenerational Community Shabbat Program Friday through Sunday. See Community Shabbat Camp for details to stay the weekend. 

Tisha B’Av

The evening of Wednesday, July 26, through the day Thursday is the Jewish holiday of Tisha B’Av, the remembrance of the destruction of the temple Jerusalem and a Jewish day of mourning. As a community, we will commemorate this day with age-appropriate activities. An adult ceremony and Truth Mandala will take place Wednesday evening and Thursday during camp hours; the community is invited to participate in this meaningful ritual. Babysitting will be available on Wednesday evening.

More details coming soon.