Building Connections: Tu B’Av on the Farm

August 16-18

Parking at Shady Lady Grove, 307 100b, Moretown, VT

Ancient tales tell of maidens dressed in white dancing in the fields on the full moon of the month of Av, ready to meet their beloved. By some accounts, it is a day as important as Yom Kippur!

Join Rabbis, Kohenot, and educators from AsiyahLiving Tree Alliance, and Organic Torah as we breathe new life into this tradition; produced with generous support from ALEPH: Alliance for Jewish Renewal, the National Center to Encourage Judaism, and Combined Jewish Philanthropies.  

You are warmly invited to join us for a campout Shabbat retreat at Living Tree Alliance in Vermont. Together we will build a temporary village while deepening our respective community bonds, engaging in homesteading practices on a working farm, exploring the ancient wisdom traditions of Jewish life, and immersing in nature with river swims and forest walks. We especially encourage younger adults to join us for this unique experience in the woods. Single or families: all are welcome!

We will:

  • make our own challah and grape juice

  • harvest flowers and food, preparing a farm-raised Shabbat meal together in the hearth.

  • engage in restorative Shabbat ritual, including meditation, body centered practice, walks in nature, song and learning

  • draw Shabbat to a close with a Havdalah ecstatic dance party in the barn

  • Make new friends and nurture connections while sitting around the campfire and engaging in community building activities

  • learn new skills, enjoy the natural world, go home inspired!


contact us for handicap accessible parking -

with generous support from Aleph, National Center to Encourage Judaism, and CJP

with generous support from Aleph, National Center to Encourage Judaism, and CJP