Tree of Life Orchard


Honor a special event, person or ancestor

Rabbi Sholom Brodt Tree of LIfe Orchard is an orchard where you can plant a fruit tree in honor of a special event (like a birth, anniversary, graduation, or birthday), a special person, or an ancestor.  

This orchard was created with the planting of the first fruit trees, in honor of Rabbi Sholom Brodt, of blessed memory, who helped bring Living Tree Alliance to Central Vermont and connected us with Rabbi Tobie Weisman and Maggid and Elmore Roots nursery owner David Fried. 

Elmore Roots is offering a 20% discount for trees and shrubs to be planted in the Tree of Life Orchard. To purchase a tree contact David at Elmore Roots. Then Schedule a Planting with us. Make sure to let us know who the tree is in honor of.  Alternatively, make a donation below and we will get the fruit tree and plant it in honor of your loved one or celebration. Its takes many resources to maintain the Tree of Life Orchard, gardens, and grounds, we welcome your contributions to support regenerating land and maintaining it as an inspirational place for people and birds and beneficial insects to visit. 

Consider also honoring a loved one with the giving spirit by donating blueberries, apple cider, pear cider, dried fruit or nuts grown at Elmore Roots to a Living Tree event and to help the Living Tree community thrive and dance and sing with local organic food..

Donate TO Support The Regeneration of Land

create a place that inspires all visitors and supports wildlife & diversity 

Donate a Tree  

We are back to building out the Tree of life orchard after the Shmita (Year of Release).  Send a donation for a fruit tree to be planted in the spring.


We will maintain it for you and show you your tree when you visit! 

Donate a young fruit tree for $150
Donate a slightly more mature fruit tree for $250
Donate a more mature specialty fruit tree  $375
Support the maintance of the grounds at any rate to help us meet our $5000 budget.


Order the tree of your choice directly from Elmore Roots for planting at LTA.

Schedule the planting for your direct order or simply donate through PayPal above and we will take care of it all for you in your honor.

About Rabbi Sholom Brodt whom our Tree of Life Orchard is dedicated to:


Rav Sholom Brodt started the Yeshivat Simchat Shlomo, a place of Torah learning in Jerusalem. He was a master of Judaic studies, teacher, and storyteller. Rav Sholom would often come to Vermont to teach at the Yearning for Learning Center. His kindness and joy for Jewish life, shined a bright light on the world and we were lucky to learn with him and enjoy his holy presence. We are blessed to dedicate this Tree of Life Orchard to him, where other inspiring people and moments can be honored


Trees may be planted by you on the farm at an agreed upon time, or we can plant a tree for you in honor of your loved one or special occasion, or plants can be ordered with Elmore roots and then delivered and shipped to the grove, donor does not need to be present (growers at Living Tree Alliance can plant in honor of your loved one).  


We are creating a labeling system on the trees and will post a map to your tree soon here.. 



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