Tree of Life Orchard


Honor a special event, person, or ancestor

Plant a fruit tree in honor of a special event (like a birth, anniversary, graduation, or birthday), a special person, or an ancestor in the Rabbi Sholom Brodt Tree of Life Orchard. With your donation, Living Tree will purchase a fruit tree from Elmore Roots nursery, plant it in the orchard and tag it with your name/honoree, and provide for its maintenance.  

An inspirational place for visitors that supports wildlife and biodiversity, the Tree of Life Orchard was created with the planting of Living Tree’s first fruit trees, in honor of Rabbi Sholom Brodt, of blessed memory, who helped bring Living Tree Alliance to Central Vermont and connected us with Rabbi Tobie Weisman and Maggid David Fried, owner of Elmore Roots

Click above to fill out the donation form and make your payment. There are three donation levels:

  • Young fruit tree: $150
  • Slightly more mature fruit tree: $250
  • More mature specialty fruit tree:  $375

We also welcome donations in any amount to support the maintenance of the grounds and help us meet our $5,000 budget.

Stay tuned for an online map of the Tree of Life Orchard! 

 Please contact us at with any questions.

About Rabbi Sholom Brodt 

Rav Sholom started the Yeshivat Simchat Shlomo, a place of Torah learning in Jerusalem. He was a master of Judaic studies, teacher, and storyteller. Rav Sholom would often come to Vermont to teach at the Yearning for Learning Center in Montpelier, VT. His kindness and joy for Jewish life shined a bright light on the world, and we were lucky to learn with him and enjoy his holy presence. We are blessed to dedicate this Tree of Life Orchard to him, where other inspiring people and moments can be honored.


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