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Investment Opportunities at Living Tree

Thank you for your interest in exploring partnership with Living Tree Alliance. With great success in the first phase of our strategic plan, the establishment of our non-profit educational organization, we are cultivating a positive reputation in the region and host over 500 people a year for meaningful community programs. Building on this ground, we are now implementing the second stage of our strategic plan, the development of our residential cohousing community, and the building of additional infrastructure to host more people to stay over at our community programs.

We are receiving an increasingly steady stream of inquiries about our housing options. Young adults are looking for a place to rent, new families are seeking to buy a small starter home and empty nesters are seeking to downsize. What they all have in common is the desire to live in a multigenerational setting, close to their neighbors with direct access to farm and forest land.    

Living Tree Alliance is committed to creating a neighborhood where people can be closer to the land, their ancestral stories and each other. In a world that is increasingly seeing investors balance financial returns with social and environmental impacts, we continue to offer investment products that foster the creation of a just and livable future.  Investment into the Living Tree Alliance provides a direct channel to create the conditions for the cohousing community, the farm coop and the nonprofit organization to thrive, effectively increasing the value of your investment in a positive feedback loop.


IMPACT INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES range from $1,250,000 to $5000

Project Development Partner 

Phased construction of the common house and three housing units.  First house is built as a rental and subsequent houses are built on speculation of sale.  Principal and interest on investment is returned to investor upon sale of each of the units within a 3-10 year period. 

Moishe/Common House Development Partner 

The most important building of our community as it provides space for 3-5 young adults to live and do meaningful work while also providing simple gathering space for community events such as Shabbat meals, etc.  Rental income is payable directly to investor, capital investment plus profit is returned investor upon sale to the Community. There is potential to run this investment through our tax exempt 501(c)3 subject to investor interests.  

Recreational Time Share Development Partner 

Construction of a house that can be sold in time-shares..  Due to the great demand for short term rentals, coupled with the large draw of Living Tree programs and brand, there is ample market for selling shares.  Time share purchases can be returned to investor, interim AirBnB rental income is payable directly to investor.

Cottage Home Development Partner 

Construction of a small single family house for a young homebuyers or empty nesters.  Profits based on the speculation of sale. There are three units presently available to develop.   

Site Development Partner 

Complete the development of our housing infrastructure and prepare the four remaining housing sites for sale to the market.  Principal and interest on capital investment is returned to investor upon LLC’s sale of housing units in 5-7 years.

Cohousing Microloans

The funds will be used to continue the development of the access road, the wastewater disposal system, and related site work. The lenders will be repaid principal plus interest, no later than 30 days after closing on the sale of our sixth and seventh unit.

Agricultural Incubator Fund 

The loan funds will be used to jumpstart specific agricultural enterprises.  The terms of the loans can be tailored to meet the nature of the enterprise and the needs of the investor.

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