Sukkot on the Farm: Hakhel

    An In-Gathering of Vermont Jewish Communities

October 15-16 

In ancient times at the end of a Shmita Year, The entire people would come together for Hakhel. a massive assembly. This year we are inviting all Vermont Jewish communities to gather together for a modern day Hakhel. 

We invite singers and seekers, children and elders, noshers and forest-bathers to help us co-create a modern-day interpretation of what Hakhel can mean for us in this generation.   

What might it look like to bring the spirit of this ancient celebration to a beautiful and spacious field  in Central Vermont?

Join us for our 9th annual Sukkot on the Farm Festival for songs, teachings and togetherness  … all under the shelter of our creatively designed temporary dwelling installations.

    • Farm fun for all ages
    • Hoshana Rabbah rain-dance with willow branches
    • Simplicity and the healing power of nature connection
    • Harvesting our learnings from this Shmita year of release
    • Vision together the next 7 years of Earth-based Jewish practice in Vermont
People of all faiths are encouraged to join us for this holiday of harvest and joy! Whether you come for the traditions, the teachings or the scenery you’ll find a weekend of inspired conversations and playful family activity.

We could not pull this off without our wider network of co-sponsors:

Jewish Communities of Vermont, Jewish Community of Greater Stowe, Ruach HaMaqom, Ohavi Zedek, Beth Jacob of Vermont, and Kesher Shalom Bennington.

If you or your community would like to participate in any way, please get in touch ASAP

We are so grateful for support from the Covenant Foundation for this regional gathering.

All events will be held outdoors. 

Camping on Saturday night is available. Fees and registration coming SOON! 

No one turned away for inability to pay, however our costs are real so we appreciate your support! 


Please leave your dogs at home!

Gallery of Pictures From Previous Festivals

“Everything is beautiful in its moment, but the ripening is hidden from your mind, and you cannot comprehend beginnings or endings. From this I concluded it is best for you to rejoice in what is and devote your life to goodness. This is the gift of reality: eat and drink and find work that pleasures your heart. Reality’s flow is endless, moment to moment nothing is added and nothing is taken away, and its sole purpose is to open you to wonder.”    – Ecclesiastes 3:11-3:14