Columbus Day Weekend October 6-8th
Living Tree Alliance Land, Moretown, VT

For one week each year during the harvest pilgrimage of Sukkot, Jewish wisdom reminds us to sleep, eat and entertain under an impermanent shelter exposed to the elements, lit by the colors and lights of the heavens.

Together we dwell in this shelter and reorient ourselves to those things that are most permanent: the process of harvest, preparation and feast: time spent with another in face to face conversation : and the purposeful work arising from building celebratory time together.


FRIDAY OCTOBER 6TH  Shabbat Dinner:  Shelter, Story and Stars $25
Farm to Plate Dinner: Think Shabbat Dinner at Bubbi's vermont style and you'll get a taste for our extraordinary menu.. to be announced.
$25 a plate gets you chicken or veggie options, homemade apple pie, and wine all from our farm or in the Mad River Valley! 

SATURDAY Oct 7TH A day of renewing, revitalizing, rediscovering, relaxing!  Experience a day of community, rest and renewal with regional spiritual teachers, hiking, meditation and song. There are miles of trails to explore on our property and around the Mad River Valley and a campsite of music, art and a great community.  Come, volunteer, build the permanence of human connection! 

SATURDAY EVE October 7TH   Speakeasy in the Sukkah 6:30 - midnight  $15-30 sliding scale
In an impermanent world , how do we create purpose, meaning and satisfaction? Under the full moon, we'll dance the night away with the award winning sounds of the Yiddishkeit Klezmer Ensemble and discover the deep mystery of why the Jewish tradition has encouraged one week of sleeping, dining and wining under the stars.  Spirits by Stonecutter Spirits ( tentative) Sweets for sale. Our program starts with starlit ceremony in the Sukkah with Rabbi DAvid Fainsilber and community song. 

SUNDAY Oct 8 TH All Day Celebration $10 a person $25 a family ( 4 or more) under 4 years are free Begins at 10 am Closing Circle at 2:30 pm

Our day long festival provides people of all ages to experience a community of gratitude, celebration, creativity and delight.  This pilgrimage brings you to the center of the harvest: the sukkah, a hand woven temple built by volunteers and designed by LTA resident Anthony Kessler.

 We learn how to recenter our lives around those values that provide meaning despite the impermanent nature of reality.
We make art for our homes from the beauty of the harvest.  
We enjoy the harvest and teach gratitude to our children. 
We stop to sit face to face with each other and practice the now dying art of conversation.
We create community experiences and pass them to the next generation. 

Camping encouraged and pre- festival Avodah (work) week for harvest, building, beautifying and community starting 10/3 - Living Tree Alliance Community in Moretown Parking at 307 Rt. 100B



Sukkot on the Farm Workshops for Synagogues and Groups

The Festival of Impermanence can be a lifestyle shifter, providing participants with a transformational oppurtunity to connect their ancestrial roots to their geographical roots, providing foundational strength and resiliency to a culture usually unbounded by tradition and place.

We will bring this to your community and school as a youth or famiy workshop. 

"Everything is beautiful in its moment, but the ripening is hidden from your mind, and you cannot comprehend beginnings or endings. From this I concluded it is best for you to rejoice in what is and devote your life to goodness. This is the gift of reality: eat and drink and find work that pleasures your heart. Reality's flow is endless, moment to moment nothing is added and nothing is taken away, and its sole purpose is to open you to wonder."    - Ecclesiastes 3:11-3:14