Indigenous People's Day ( formerly know as Columbus Day Weekend) October 6-8th
Living Tree Alliance Land, Moretown, VT

For one week each year during the harvest pilgrimage of Sukkot, Jewish wisdom reminds us to sleep, eat and entertain under an impermanent shelter exposed to the elements, lit by the colors and lights of the heavens. 


Join a village for this weekend of sharing dance, food, art, teaching, gratitude, nature and the pure exhilaration of peak foliage on our homestead in Vermont.  Inspired by the Jewish tradition to practice gratitude and humility by eating, hosting and sleeping in tents for the week surrounding the full moon of Autumn,  we are throwing a harvest party!  

Travel for the weekend or the day, and check out our schedule of events that will fill you up with the peace of community, nature, harvest and gratitude.

 Friday Night : Shabbat at Bubbi's Vermont Style 6:30 pm  Farm to Table Dinner under the Stars in our Shelter of Peace. Our amazing dinner menu is  Maple roasted squash challah, Potato cabbage kreplach in chicken broth, swiss chard and roasted autumn vegetable salad with dilly bean vinaigrette, Pickle marinated grilled chicken with kohlrabi and onion relish
Dessert tzimmes with apples, squash and dried cherries prepared by Chef Erin from the Bobcat Cafe

Saturday Pausing in Community Mindfulness Workshops 1:30 - 4 pm : Mindfulness, art and nature workshops provided for campers and community that celebrate all that arises from a slower pace of gratitude and connection.  Youth farm and forest activities. Click here for a description of our workshops by Abbi Jaffe, Nicole Grubman and Yepeth Perla. Workshops followed by community stone soup dinner with bread donated by Red Hen Bakery

Saturday Night Klezmer in the Barn Dance Party 8 pm : Award Winning Klezmer, Spirits and Chocolate make this the festival of our happiness!  Join us in the Sukkah for Havdallah ( end of the day of rest ceremony) as we engage in song and the senses beginning at 6:30 pm... ending in a festive torch lit parade to the dance party! 

Sunday Sukkot on the Farm Harvest Party 9:30-2pm
 Explore the mystery of why the Jewish tradition encourages people to spend a week dining, sleeping and entertaining under a hut open to the elements.   Spiritual teachers, puppet shows, kids programming, nature immersion and song engages all generations and backgrounds in the morning. An afternoon of homesteading brings the celebration to the land with Mad River Valley Band Sugar Shack, apple pressing, draft horse demonstrations, gleaning harvest, preserving and more.  

9:30 - 10 Arrival on the Land - Pilgrimage through art, text, forest and farm to ARRIVE at our festival sukkah.  The walk is about 1/8 a mile on a forest road. We recommend back road strollers only.  Please contact Craig for accessibility questions and requests at or 603-387-6033

10 am Opening Circle of Blessings, Intentions and Song

10:15- 11:30 All Ages Workshops and time to decorate and socialize in the Sukkah ( please see workshop leader page)For Adults ( or those identifying as adults)
Kabbalah of Joy and Text Exploration
Edibles and Medicinals of Autumn
Mindfulness and Jewish Meditation
Tour of Living Tree Land and Cohousing
For Parents and Children under 6
PJ Library Sing Shmooze and Celebrate hosts Talking Hand Theatre's Dusty Builds a Sukkah!  Harvest Play Area
Elementary Aged Youth Sukkah Craft Area
Natural Items Harvest Stained Glass, Vegetable Print Peace Flags, Ripped Paper Mosaic, Macrame and Local Lulav Weaving
Teens and Tweens Community Building Games and Work Party at the Farm

11:45 Community Lulav Shakedown in the Sukkah and Prayer for the Land and Food

12-2 Homesteading Hoedown with SugarShackMusic, Food trucks, draft horse and blacksmithing demonstration, apple pressing, saurkraut making, garlic planting and trails exploration

2 pm Community Drum Circle with Saragail


Sukkot on the Farm Workshops for Synagogues and Groups

The Festival of Impermanence can be a lifestyle shifter, providing participants with a transformational oppurtunity to connect their ancestrial roots to their geographical roots, providing foundational strength and resiliency to a culture usually unbounded by tradition and place.

We will bring this to your community and school as a youth or famiy workshop. 

"Everything is beautiful in its moment, but the ripening is hidden from your mind, and you cannot comprehend beginnings or endings. From this I concluded it is best for you to rejoice in what is and devote your life to goodness. This is the gift of reality: eat and drink and find work that pleasures your heart. Reality's flow is endless, moment to moment nothing is added and nothing is taken away, and its sole purpose is to open you to wonder."    - Ecclesiastes 3:11-3:14