September 2020

Living Tree Alliance, Moretown, VT


Share the joys of Sukkot on a farm in Vermont. Bring your class, community, or family for a hand-on experience of preparing for Sukkot. Connect to the natural worlds as we build Sukkah with materials from the land, decorate with fresh farm products, learn about Judaism’s ancient wisdom tradition, and engage with Jewish stories and songs. Bring meaning into your life as we bring tradition and connection alive on the farm.

Workshops can be oriented toward any age group or multi-generational community or family programs

“Everything is beautiful in its moment, but the ripening is hidden from your mind, and you cannot comprehend beginnings or endings. From this I concluded it is best for you to rejoice in what is and devote your life to goodness. This is the gift of reality: eat and drink and find work that pleasures your heart.¬†Reality’s flow is endless, moment to moment nothing is added and nothing is taken away, and its sole purpose is to open you to wonder.” ¬† ¬†– Ecclesiastes 3:11-3:14

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