Spring Cleanse: Journey Through the Omer

Purify the body for vitality while attuning to the season and ancient wisdom teachings that bring self growth and wellness in mind, body, heart, and spirit.


FREE INFO SESSION – Monday MARCH 15 at 7:30 pm- 8:30pm ET

Learn about the cleanse program and Set intentions for the New Moon

FULL PROGRAM:      Thursday Evenings: March 25 – May 13  – telecommunication – 7:30pm – 9:00 pm ET


Health Enthusiasts, spiritual seekers, and self growth advocates, of all faith traditions are invited to an 8 week journey with a spring cleanse program that brings improved energy, vitality and meaningful connection. This program aligns with the seasonal shifts of early spring and the auspicious time from Passover to Shavuot, a special time in the Jewish calendar known as the counting of the Omer.

 Together we embrace this sacred time for spiritual purification with:

  • personalized cleansing protocols
  • Wisdoms of the ancient mystical teachings 
  • Movement & breathwork
  • embodied meditations
  • community support

During the transition from winter to spring, the body can struggle to adapt to the changing environment. You may find that during seasonal shifts you become more susceptible to colds, and feel more fatigued & irritable, as well as sleep poorly. 

With a spring cleanse that purifies your system, you can go from fatigue to feeling energized and strong; as well as more connected to the natural world.  

According to Chinese Medicine, the liver is related to the energy of springtime. A sluggish liver compromises our detoxification, which compromises our body’s ability to heal.

Since the liver is our main organ of detoxification, a spring cleanse that allows for liver support, can lead to improved: 


energy, vitality, & sleep,

clearer thinking,

weight loss,

proper elimination,

digestive health,

& nourishing rejuvenation

Best of all, this Spring Cleanse is NOT a fast; it includes nourishing foods and puts an end to addictive habits. 

Maybe you think you have difficulty succeeding at restrictive cleanses; well this program is designed to keep you satisfied and builds muscle mass as you purify your system. The community support on the weekly live call, provides an ease and gentle accountability that makes it doable, while encouraging healing. 


I have been teaching this program for 20 years, and people come back year after year; not because they need the guidance, but because they find the community support makes everything simpler. 


Afraid, you won’t know what to eat; we got that covered too. Together we design meal plans that are delicious and easy. With the program you receive recipe ideas, shopping lists, individual support that makes it all work smoothly. 


Everyone feels great on this program, loses weight, disrupts addiction cycles, while finding the program satisfying and rejuvenating. 


We start each day with a delicious breakfast cleanse drink that utilizes the healing properties of ginger, berries, lemon, healing herbs and seeds. You can do this program whether you are vegan, paleo, keto, or anything in between. The program is designed to kickstart healthy behaviors that can continue for the long run. 


We integrate this cleanse with a spiritual program connected to universal values and the Hebrew Calendar. We learn from tradition and focus on self love, personal development and tuning into our purpose. This creates a truly holistic experience that is healing for mind, body, heart, and spirit.  


We build community support, create healing meal plans, connect to ancient wisdom tradition, and indulge in self care that is nourishing for all those around us. 

We start with the basics of diving into the cleanse protocol, and by the end of the first month you will feel more energized and be a vital part of a network of community support. The second month we begin to integrate the cleanse principles into a long term lifestyle renewal. 

Each week of the Spring Cleanse Journey you will receive:

– live coaching support

– supportive guidance related to the cleanse principles

– meal plan ideas

– wisdom from Jewish Mystical Tradition; Kabbalah

– access to private Facebook support network

– recorded meditations related to the energetic focus of the week.

– journal prompts and integrative exercises

This program is for you if:

  • You are looking for a change
  • You thrive with community support and regular accountability
  • Self development and learning from ancient wisdom tradition is of interest
  • You’re ready to feel better while embracing healthy lifestyle

This program is not for you if:

  • You are interested in a quick fix
  • Not ready to commit to a whole foods diet
  • Do not enjoy self reflection 

Each week we meet via live telecommunication to review the cleanse principles, the energy for the week according to the sages of Kabbalah, and support one another in the process.  Throughout, health coach & registered dietitian, Kohenet Sephirah Stacey Oshkello, MS, RD, CD will guide us in compassionate nourishment, cleansing protocol; and healing facilitation. In between live sessions there will be journal prompts, meaningful exercises and recorded guided meditations.  Kohenet Aliza Rivkah offers the guided meditations that correlate to the energetic focus of the week. 

The cleanse program includes eliminating grains and can be adapted to most dietary needs. Cleansing herbs and products will be recommended but are optional.  This is NOT a fasting program.


EarlyBird Specials:

Pay by February 28: $295

Pay by March 8: $325 

Pay by March 17: $385

Full Cost:$450

Free Info Session March 15, 7:30 pm

 To register contact Sephirah at: s.oshkello@gmail.com 

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Kohenet Sephirah Oshkello, MS, RD, CD supports motivated people to heal from chronic inflammation, blood sugar imbalance, and emotional eating. By integrating proven dietary shifts, meaningful connection and adequate self care, together we open the door to more energy, satisfaction, and replenishment that awakens possibility and purpose in life.