September 27 – 10am – 12:30pm 


Rosh Hashana Day Two 5783 @ Living Tree

 Crowning the LIfeForce as Sovereign 

 With Rabbi Lee Moore and Cellist Aaron Fried

Ring in the new year with a radical, earth-based Jewish prayer service that blends eco-poetics with traditional liturgy and melodies.   SONG  – EMBODIED PRAYER – NATURE CONNECTIONS – COMMUNITY 

Join us for our third annual outdoor service in the beautiful meadow at Living Tree Alliance.

Rosh Hashana liturgy evokes the theme of ‘Crowning God as King,’ echoing ancient near-Eastern coronation ceremonies. Instead of crowning a person as a divinely chosen king, we Jews would crown God as the Ultimate Ruler. Yet many of us now experience the Divine more as the LifeForce that both flows through all (and is also beyond all) than a Ruler-in-the-Sky.  This year at Living Tree, we take this theology seriously while still asking: what will it look like to celebrate the ‘Birthday of the World’ in a way that truly honors its Creator as Ultimate Reality..

Inhabit your own sovereignty as partners in creation of this unfolding beauty that is our world. How will we sense more deeply into our own power to choose – for ourselves and for our society – a good life, a good way, in the midst of so much change?  

Potluck lunch to follow. All activities will be held outdoors 


Suggested donation $18-$180


Tashlich – Sept 27 – 3pm

Tashlich Rosh Hashana Day Two 5783 @ Living Tree

September 27 – 3pm – 

meeting in the field across from 307 Route 100 B 

Walk down to the river with us to release what no longer serves you this year