September 12


Reimagining Prayer during Pandemic + Havdalah + Bluegrass Selichot


An outdoor, in-person socially distanced workshop for preparing to meaningfully enter the new year .* 

Our Days of Awe hold great potential for helping us connect – to ourselves, to each other and to the Great Mystery. All the more so this year while we face new challenges of disconnection and radical change. The High Holidays offer not simply ‘days’ but rather a sacred path, a measured process providing opportunity for healing, alignment, inspiration and spiritual growth.

 Join Rabbi Lee Moore for this interactive play-shop for diving into the meaning behind each step on this journey. We will sing together (safely!), learn together, reflect together, picnic and end with Havdalah and Selichot (prayers for pouring out our hearts) by the fire, Bluegrass-style featuring Aaron Fried on banjo.

 *Held in the stunning meadow at Living Tree Alliance.

 Only for Vermonters and for those coming from state-approved counties.

 Investment to support Living Tree Alliance, Rabbi Lee and musicians $18-$180. Register below.