Regenerating Land

 We are teachers, farmers, artisans, and community organizers collaborating on the design and delivery of place based educational programs.  We are in the process of developing a homesteading cooperative with entrepreneurs who value collaboration and share in our mission to steward a working landscape... together. Do you have a vision of a bakery on a piece of land, a nursery or a below for more information

Redefining Community

Cohousing invites us to be revolutionary in our housing choices and to embrace the potential of the neighbor/ village relationship.  If you enjoy sharing meals, understand the value of social interdependency and are looking for the security of sharing resources, ideas and the 'rites of passage' of life,  check us out!   We are builders of a seven unit cohousing village on a historic farmstead,  welcoming those who share this vision and are motivated to join on this journey.

Revitalizing Culture

Its hard to remember when everyone in a town stopped to raise the roof of the meeting house, to celebrate the harvest, to welcome in new babies or grieve catastrophe together.  We enjoy renewing these pieces of humanity.  We recreate festival culture and the art of gathering as a backlash to our increasingly individualistic American experience.  And through this we connect to place, to our neighbors and friends and to the hope that arises in our shared humanity.