I have always identified as both a Jew and a nature lover & environmentalist, but these two identities don’t often have a forum to be experienced together in spiritual community. The Living Tree Alliance Sukkot festivals and Chavurah events have brought together these two central aspects of my identity and allowed me to express my spirituality within Jewish community. This is a rare and precious experience anywhere. But to get to experience this in my home state of Vermont is true mazel! The opportunity to participate in authentic Jewish ritual that honors my experience of God in nature has strengthened my connection to Judaism. Sharing LTA’s outdoors, farm-based Jewish Sukkot rituals with my 95 year-old New York City great-aunt, parents & brother allowed my urban family of origin to experience my love of nature and Vermont through a Jewish lens. “



“I have lived in the Mad River Valley for over twenty years.  This is the first Jewish event I have been to since living up here and I am completely inspired!!!”


“Living Tree Alliance programs inspire, excite, and teach me about “earth-based Judaism,” offering new practices and traditions for myself and my family. The first holiday I celebrated with Living Tree Alliance was Sukkot on the Farm, Spring 2015. I entered the largest and most beautiful sukkah that I had ever seen. The day was filled with a variety of classes, music, prayer, and experiential workshops. The classes filled my mind with new thoughts and possibilities. The day created a new sense of community for me and many others, persisting now these three years later.

People are willing to drive over an hour to experience Living Tree Alliance events. The first year, over 150 people attended Sukkot on the Farm. The second year, my husband and young son attended. This year, on Living Tree’s own land, over a dozen families attended. The drumming, inspirational and thought-provoking signage, bonfire, potluck, schmoozing, and a place for my son to play within a Jewish program/holiday celebration opened a new place in my mind and spirit, like nothing that I had ever experienced while growing up as a Reform Jew in the suburbs of Chicago.

Living Tree Alliance is showing me and many others the connections between our Jewish roots, the seasons, holidays, festivals, and our Mother Earth. For me, this is the first time that Jewish holidays are connected to the moon, the harvest, and the land.”

  • Debra-Ann, Montpelier, VT

“Living Tree Alliance is home grown and perfect for Vermont and upper New England. The events give participants of all ages and denominations opportunities to participate in a meaningful way. Living Tree Alliance events appeal to a wide range of participants (e.g., youth, adolescents, adults, singles, families, observant Jews, cultural Jews, and non-Jews).

Celebrating holidays at Living Tree Alliance provides my family and me and many others, opportunities to play, pray, learn, sing, dance, create, harvest, study, and schmooze together. All of us, of different ages, practices, and beliefs, are welcome every time and we look forward to each holiday and program that we can share and participate at Living Tree Alliance.”

  • Alex, Montpelier, VT