Living Tree Alliance is a small constellation of three interdependent organizations, MoAhdim Village at Living Tree, Living Tree,  and Living Tree Alliance. 

Moahdim Village is a seven unit residential cohousing community / ecovillage governed by the residents and members.  We manage a small farm and garden collaborative and gather for meals and work parties monthly.  

Living Tree is a non-profit organization, in the process of establishing its federal tax exempt 501(c)3 status, governed by a combination of residents and members of the wider community to create and deliver educational and enrichment programs. Our enrichment programs focus on cultural revitalization:  establishing community seasonal living through place based student experiences, festivals, and  homesteading internship and programs. 

Living Tree Alliance, LLC is the current owner of the farmland governed by residents and community members that have interest in operating homestead / small farm scale businesses according to a cooperative business model. 

The governance of these three entities are based on principles of sociocracy, whereby members of each organization are represented on each others boards.  This simple legal organization allows each circle of governance to operate effectively and create a unified whole greater than the sum of its individual parts.