Essential Information for Campers to Know

Registration Required ahead of time at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/sukkot-on-the-farm-festival-tickets-49271355952

PLAN TO ARRIVE BEFORE 4:30pm on Saturday afternoon: camping set up is available from 2 - 4:30pm.   Make sure your tent, etc. is set up in time so that you can be present for opening circle at 5pm.  

PLEASE NOTE THAT YOUR CAR WILL BE ~¼ MILE AWAY FROM THE CAMPING SITE.  It is important to understand that when you arrive you will be directed to the Living Tree Alliance driveway on Freeman Hill to drop your bags.  You will then go down to park your car on Route 100B and walk back up the hill. Camping areas are at the opposite side of the field from the drop off area.  Wheel barrels are available for transporting your things, but pack your things in as few big bags as possible for ease of transport and setup. See packing list below for important items to make sure to bring.


Dinner is included in the camping fee; breakfast and lunch will be available for sale. Bring your own snacks.

The delicious Mediterranean-inspired Saturday dinner will be provided by Swami’s Kitchen from Morrisville!  Dinner includes Vegetarian Lentil and Veggie Soup, Israeli Fatoush Salad, Hummus, Red Hen Bread and a whole lotta love.

There is an outdoor kitchen with one propane stove for all to use and no electricity. If you desire to cook your own food, bring your own pots and pans and dishware (to share, if you like).  There will be a dish-washing station.

BYOB for Saturday night. Nutty Steph’s Magic Chunks will be for sale at the concert on Saturday night.

BRING YOUR OWN WATER BOTTLE/MUG. Drinking Water will be provided.


BATHROOMS: There are composting toilets at the site and Hand Washing stations will be provided.  NO Showers available. We invite you to freshen up at our private swimming beach on the Mad River Valley.




Boots - wet fields abound


sleeping bag

sleeping mat

layers of clothing for cold nights

Extra blankets

bug repellent

hiking shoes

your own plates and dishware:plate, bowl, fork, spoon, knife, mug and water bottle

warm hat

Rain Gear - (event will go on in the rain!)  Pray for Sun!

A positive attitude and a smile!!!


swim suit for swimming hole dips


sun hat

chair for sitting around campfire

Pots and pans for cooking

personal items as needed

Ritual items as desired


Festival activities begin with opening circle and dinner on Saturday at 5 pm.  The land is connected to miles of well marked hiking trails that are connected to the Harwood High School X-country running routes.  We have animals and a small veggie garden to explore. There is an amazing swimming beach on the property and a beautiful deep swimming canyon ¼ mile away.  We are less than a mile from a general store if you forget supplies and 6 miles from the heart of the quaint and famously beautiful town of Waitsfield. The Mad River Valley is known for its hiking and mountain biking as well.


We invite you to co-create this festival with us! Part of our mission at Living Tree Alliance is Revitalizing Culture, to recreate festival culture and the art of gathering as a healthy response to our increasingly individualistic American experience and its consumerism.  Through not being passive recipients of a gathering but rather active participants, we can all better connect to each other, to the place we share and to the hope that arises in that shared humanity and community.  

A lot of work and intention has already gone into making this a meaningful festival, honoring ancient ways and breathing new life in to them.  During the festival, please find ways to pitch in and help with what is needed. Your payment helps to cover the programming costs and … we are more than just passively doing programming.  We are building village life here and it takes a village to make it happen. Some critical ways you can help out when you are here include: using non-violent communication, showing up with a positive attitude, picking up trash, putting away dishes in the outdoor kitchen, making sure the fire pit area is safe and stocked with wood, offering to watch someone’s child for a moment, making sure you take care of your own needs, and asking a staff member how you can be of service.  Thank you for helping and in so doing being more a part of the action and our community.

We Look Forward to sharing this festival celebration with you!