Living Tree Festivals create opportunities to explore connection uplugged from the internet and plugged into place, story, the sweat of work done, conversations over meals and art arising from interactions. We aim to create collaborations, programs and paradigms of living together that counteract the increasing speed and cultural isolation arising from modern hyper-technological society.

Events and Festivals

Each of the Jewish festivals carries a spiritual gift with it, one that gives us inspiration throughout the entire year. This “gift” is the special essence of the festival. Rabbi Sholom Noach Brezovsky, in Nesivos Shalom (Vol. II, p. 189), teaches us that each one of these meeting points has its own spiritual energy that offers us a unique opportunity for growth at that time. 

We use these holidays to mark our communal times together and to return again to the opportunity to incorporate the essence of the festival into our lives.  We strive to create programs and oppurtunities for people to connect around universal parts of our shared humanity no matter what creed, background or foundational stories you come from. 

Community Workshops and Celebrations

Our workshops provide you with the skills needed to live in a community connected to your local landscape and connected to those who share that place with you. Our events invite you to experience connection to self, one another, earth, and Spirit.