Seven Pillars

Our decisions and actions in all circles of our organization are grounded in these principles.


Regenerative Resiliency

We prioritize our ecological community in our thinking, acting and reflecting.



We practice tzedakah (charity) and gemilut chassidim (acts of loving kindness) in work, hospitality, and economy.


Social Justice

We are informed by Jewish ethics and are committed to education, civic engagement and nonviolent communication.


Inner Work

We bring mindfulness, compassion & understanding to the cultivation of emotional, mental, physical, & spiritual well being.


Joy, Gratitude, and Celebration

We keep time to appreciate life each day, refrain from work on Shabbat and celebrate life cycle events with joy.



We take time to connect with each other, the land and the surrounding community.


Ein Soph

We maintain an open space for the continued possibilities of what was, is and will be.