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experience Inspired Earth-based Living

Our kibbutz-inspired community in the heart of the Mad River Valley is home to nature enthusiasts from all walks of life. Our residential village sits on 3 acres of our 91-acre property with views of the Green Mountains, and includes 7 private housing lots, an active farming coop, woodland trails, scenic swimming holes and campgrounds adjacent to local public schools and 3 legendary ski resorts. We grow our own food, collaborate on projects, contribute to the greater community, have meaningful personal connections, are spiritually in tune, and enjoy a simpler, more fulfilling life within all the natural splendor and adventure of Vermont’s Mad River Valley. 

Enjoy Outdoor Adventure Like No Other!

The Mad River Valley boasts some of the finest skiing in the U.S. and so much more. There’s hiking, camping, farming, horseback riding, a frisbee golf course, food festivals, retreats and more all year long!  Whether you’re a thoughtful nature seeker or pure adrenaline junkie, there’s something here for everyone.  

Be a Part of Our Purpose-Driven Community!

We are a multi-generational, ecologically-driven community of individuals and families actively building a meaningful, integrated life experience based on authenticity, connection to land, spirituality, resiliency, communication and collaboration. Together we are redefining community, regenerating land and revitalizing culture. As a kibbutz-inspired community, we follow the rhythms of the Jewish calendar for many of our events and festivals, while being inclusive to people of all walks of life, all backgrounds and faiths.

I have always had a passion for being outdoors and helping people — this place provides a medium for my family to embrace these values too.


– Evan Oppenheimer, Waitsfield, VT

When we saw Sephira's ad about a new earth-based community in the Mad River Valley, we just had to be a part of it.


– Courtney Rose, Richmond, VT

As a nature lover, environmentalist and Jew, I was looking for a forum to express these central aspects of my identity together in spiritual community.


– Vermont Resident

This event was just what I needed after a difficult week. It’s amazing to be reconnected with my ancestry in this way.


– Farm-to-Plate Participant

I love seeing students who were afraid to touch the dirt forget all about their fears when they get to Living Tree Alliance.


– Harwood Teacher

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