Feeding the Family

while instilling Jewish values of gratitude, kindness, and appreciation 

Two Part Series: 

Thursdays March 16 and March 30, 12–1 p.m. ET, on Zoom  

Everybody eats and is nourished by food, yet feeding children can feel like such a daunting task, especially in this world where there are so many endless demands on parents, and processed food is so easily available. No matter what kind of parent you are, I am sure that feeding your family for health and wellness is important to you. The myriad of conflicting information out there and the distractions that abound can make this process even harder……and children don’t make it any easier with their finickiness, specific demands such as foods not touching each other, and their unpredictable hungers and desires. 

Sephirah Stacey Oshkello has been teaching families a few simple techniques to help make keeping your littles ones nourished simpler and more clear. In this two part series she will share some time proven methods to supporting parents in feeding their young child. These techniques lead to healthy eaters, and provides parents the assurance they are doing their job well.  In this program she will be including ways to bring spirituality, tradition and Jewish values into your feeding routines.   

Sephirah has been studying the work of Ellyn Satter for over 20 years and implements her Division of Responsibility method with simplicity that you can integrate right away. Sephirah provides the guidance on how to make this transition and as a dietitian gives you the latest information on what constitutes a healthy Whole Foods diet, and as a Mother of two young adults understands the challenges that abound.  

As an ordained Hebrew Priestess, Kohenet; Sephirah brings her love of ritual to your dinner table that brings joy, gratitude and ease.   

Group Program – 2 Sessions – offered on Zoom  

        March 16 and March 30, 12–1 p.m. ET, on Zoom   

This program is supported by Jewish Communities of Vermont and Harold Grinspoon Foundation  

Cost: $10 for series or  $6 for one, to express your commitment, and nobody is turned away for inability to pay.   

To register click here or reach out to Sephirah s.oshkello@gmail.com for support.


Kohenet Sephirah Oshkello is a holistic nutritionist, registered dietitian, Hebrew Priestess and certified health coach.


She teaches a holistic approach to wellness that affirms our own innate wisdom and recognizes that the foundation for health stems from nourishing ourselves with healing foods and meaningful connections. Sephirah co-founded Living Tree Alliance, a Jewish co-housing community in Central Vermont woven together with a working homestead, and farm educational program. Sephirah organizes community events & wellness programs that integrate seasonal homesteading practices with the Hebrew calendar, the ancient Jewish wisdom tradition & optimal wellness. Sephirah is nourished by being connected to healthy food, cooking, growing food, living amongst community, celebrating the cycles of the Jewish calendar, walking in the woods, teaching, and soaking in hot baths. As the Executive Director of Living Tree Alliance, she is committed to building Living Tree Alliance as a place that is redefining community, regenerating land, and revitalizing culture. As health coach she is committed to supporting people toward living a life filled with energy, joy and satisfaction.