Anti-Inflammatory Reset: Elul Journey

Prepare your Body, Mind, & Spirit for a Transformational High Holiday Season 

August 30 – Sept 19; Zoom; 7 pm EST – 8:30 pm EST

A 4-week online program to recommit to being the highest version of yourself

Informational session August 15; 7:30 pm EST

We will use the ancient wisdom teachings of Judaism and the High Holiday & Nature cycles to prepare us for real transformation this year so we can make a significant difference in the world; as we consider the health of our whole being.

Make the time for reflections, realistic commitment and nourish your body, mind, and spirit so you can step into the Fall & Jewish New Year with more ease and becoming the best versions of ourselves. Each year the Jewish High Holidays seem to creep up on us and we never have the time to really dive into the yearly reflections and commitments the way we might want to. This year, take the month of Elul, with a network of community support  to commit to our own inner wellness. 

Especially during these times of upheaval, I know you can feel bogged down, overwhelmed, and even isolated. Maybe you felt these ways before but with all the changes and current stressors, it is easy to be out of balance. This program is designed to help you find ways to create more joy & health in your life and follow a protocol that is energizing, supportive, and realistic. 

Indulging in you and taking time for yourself can be the essential link to your being able to show up for other people, and allow you to feel nurtured. Take a moment to connect with yourself, others, and nature in a safe environment. 

Commit to:

– a clean diet that works for your unique body

-self care activities that bring nourishment

– meditations that help you tap into the you, you desire to be

-living a life you love

This program leads to:

  • Increased energy
  • Reduction in food cravings
  • Improved metabolism
  • Improved self esteem
  • More joy and clarity

With community, stepping into these lifestyle changes provides tools for success that allows us to feel refreshed and committed to our own health and wellness.

This program is open to all, Jews, non-Jews, and Jews who feel disconnected from their Jewish roots. The universal teachings bring a deeper understanding and meaning to our inner journey. The fall is a great time to take an assessment of ourselves and lay down the seeds we want to see take shape in the coming year.


This program integrates a dietary approach to wellness with meditation and movement practices. We align with our goals and create concrete steps to meet them. We applaud each other and create a supportive network that truly allows us to be our best selves. With mindful eating, dietary tweaks, and commitments to self care we can truly be our most healthy and productive selves.



    • 4 –  Live Zoom group coaching calls on Mondays at 6:3pm EDT, where we make commitments and learn about the benefit of anti-inflammatory diets and self care activities
    • audio meditations to help you tap into your highest self
    • Weekly reflections from the Jewish tradition to tune into the ancient wisdom of this Hebrew month of Elul and seasonal cycles
    • Activities in between sessions that help you understand yourself more deeply and bring transformation

This program is for you if:

  • Want to recommit to your health with lifestyle changes
  • You are experiencing overwhelm, confusion, loneliness, and just can’t seem to prioritize your health on your own during this challenging time.
  • Your yearning to consciously step into being an improved version of yourself
  • If you would like to find ways to engage in pleasurable self care daily with meaning.
  • Ready for dietary adjustments that allow for healthy eating, decreased inflammation, and more energy
  • Looking for community support as you dedicate to your own well-being

This is not for you if you:

  • Want a quick fix
  • Don’t believe you can trust your body to give you the answers
  • Are not interested in spirituality and self reflection

Early- Bird Cost:

$199 for four-week program including audio meditations & Journal Prompts  each week

Sign up for the intro session on August 15 

After August 15th: Fee – $260

Questions email Sephirah @


Sephirah Oshkello, MS, RD, CD from Sephirah Nutrition & Wellness will lead the weekly coaching sessions with information about anti-inflammatory diets and committing to our own inner wellness. She offers nutrition counseling, health coaching, ritual crafting, and community building programs for adults ready to holistically listen and understand their bodies’ hidden messages to truly improve our health. As a Kohenet Hebrew Priestess and Director of Living Tree she weaves the rhythms of the Jewish Calendar into a practice that nourishes body, mind, and soul.