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  • WE GROW OUR FOOD. We believe in sharing the work of community together by growing, storing, and sharing meals together that we grow on our 1.5 acre community garden.  We share this food with the local middle school and donate 10% of our harvest to food banks and community events. We share animal chores and the costs of raising our meat and eggs.

  • WE RAISE THE BARN WALLS.  In the summer we try to have weekly work parties to build shared infrastructure for community.  This year we will be working on our commons which includes fruit trees, stone walls and a pagoda for a pizza oven and dinner. We put hands together to help collect firewood, and help finish up each other's homes. 

  •  WE PRACTICE NON VIOLENT COMMUNICATION.  We are trying to build a culture of non violent, consensus based living and so we work with a NVC ( non-violent communication) coach and use consensus tools at our meetings.


Part of the identity we choose is Jewish because......

The property we steward is unbelievable because... 

WFour Units remaining!

Three of the seven units are sold.  We are presently inviting people to settle and live on this beautiful land.  Our inclusive model of governance enables residents to participate in evolving and sustaining our vision for multi generational, regenerative and hope-filled living!

Conceptual plan for cohousing village.

Conceptual plan for cohousing village.