The Governance Council is responsible for the overall well being of the organization. We use a consensus based decision making model and meet quarterly.

Stacey Oshkello

Stacey London-Oshkello is a Mother, Registered Dietitian, Healthy Lifestyle Coach, and Jewish educator. Stacey loves being connected to healthy food\cooking, growing food, living amongst community, walking in the woods, as well as integrating Jewish traditional practices into a holistic lifestyle amongst family.  She is dedicated to organizing inspirational, earth-based Jewish programming in New England, with Living Tree Alliance’s annual Sukkot on the Farm, and Shavuot on the Mountain.  

Stacey enjoys creating sacred ritual space to help unify all beings and sanctify traditional ways, thus is training to become a Kohenet - Hebrew Priestess.  She works as Director of Family and Youth Programming for Jewish Community of Greater Stowe; Outreach Coordinator for Living Tree Alliance; as well as offering nutrition counseling to help coach people toward optimal health.   Most of all, she is nourished by spending time outdoors with her children and husband.  

Craig Oshkello

Craig Oshkello, MLA (cofounder) has been dedicated to the design and development of intentional farm based communities for the past twelve years. In 2000, Craig started a non-profit organization, Land For Good ,who's mission is is to ensure the future of farming in New England by putting more farmers more securely on more land. As a professionally trained landscape architect, Craig's professional work includes farm centered community design and development, resilient homestead design/build and architectural drafting.

Merging his vocation with his lifestyle, Craig lives, farmed and served as a director at the Cold Pond Community Land Trust, an intentional community he helped start.  Craig has been growing food for friends and family for twelve years.  He has served on town government for his 12 years of residency in the town of Acworth.  Craig is an avid skier and has coached a high school team and race development team for the past 6 years at Mount Sunapee.  His combination of professional, volunteer, and homesteading experiences will go a long way towards directing the birth, growth and fruition of Living Tree.

Glenn Soberman

Glenn Soberman, Phd is a licensed clinical psychologist, life coach and an ordained interfaith minister with over 30 years of clinical experience.  He is also a certified teacher, therapist and supervisor of Advanced Integrative Therapy (AIT) and currently has a private practice in New Paltz, NY and Burlington, VT.

 He has provided trainings in AIT to mental health professionals in North America, Central America and Europe.  He is also a published author.  His latest book is called: Letting Go: A Self Help Manual for Emotional Well-Being.  He has also been an adjunct faculty professor at SUNY New Paltz and Marist College.

Melanie Kessler

Since 2000, Melanie has served as program founder, director and coordinator for multiple nonprofits creating and managing outreach events for county wide social change programs.  Using her creativity and her degrees in government and education, she uses grassroots organizing techniques to develop and spread new programs to schools and organizations.  Most notably she piloted the Alameda Safe Routes to Schools program, a multi-tiered programmatic approach now providing safety and environmental education to over 100 schools. 

She presently directs the new chavurah program at Ohavi Zedek, a Burlington synagogue with a membership of 375 families, providing events and educational experiences for unaffiliated Jews in Vermont.  As well, she works as a family educator for the Hebrew school and for private groups, designing unique workshops that engage whole families in age appropriate spiritual ritual and reflections.  As a farmer, she coordinates a 2 acre school garden providing vegetables for an alternative high school and affordable produce and volunteer opportunities to schools and families in the area. 

Melanie was an integral player in helping to launch Living Tree Alliance’s first Sukkot festival, and brings past experience of organizing festivals.  Melanie’s ability to create dynamic Jewish events will be an asset to Living Tree Alliance, as well as her knowledge of writing grants, and how to start up organizations.

Matt Towle

Matthew Towle is currently a residential supervisor at an assisted living facility in rural New York. He work with elder individuals withdevelopmental and health related needs. Matthew is a passionate scholar of the human condition and an advocate of civil, environmental, economic sensibility and sustenance. Matthew is New Englander at heart and a travel these days. He values family and friendship. Matthew has been graduated from the University of Vermont.

He’s been involved with start up companies such as The Wellness Cooperative in Burlington, VT. Matthew has also been involved with the Jewish Community Center of Rockville, MD and a Jewish community and retreat center in the Berkshires. Matthew believes in potential of all humanity and is attempting to play his part in making whatever good contributions his is able to within this lifetime and beyond. 

Rabbi Jan Salzman

Rabbi Jan Salzman was ordained through ALEPH, the rabbinic seminary of Jewish Renewal, in the winter of 2010.  She brings to our community the skills of Rabbi, joyful service leader, and is also ordained as Mashpnin Ruchanit/ Spiritual Director, meeting with individuals and/or groups to explore the spiritual facets of their lives. 

In addition to studying with ALEPH, she has studied at Hebrew College, Spertus College, and Dartmouth College, and holds a Masters Degree in Public Health.  With her strong voice and upbeat spirit she opens and deepens the Jewish experience.  She has lived in Vermont for over 30 years, raising two sons with her husband and rebbitzmon, Loredo Sola.  She has been a certified organic farmer, and worked as a landscaper for many years in Central Vermont.