Our Community


Creating Community

We choose to live in co-housing so that we can be connected to our neighbors in meaningful ways. We create community with: 

  • Regular shabbat meals
  • Sharing in song and prayer
  • Enjoying farm grown local food
  • Engaging in meaningful rituals together 
  • Celebrating life cycles and rhythms of Jewish Calendar
  • Sharing in woods walks and river swims
  • Sitting around a campfire
  • Building connections between our homes in our inviting neighborhood
  • Creating spaces for privacy within community.

Our community encourages all residents participate in Non-Violent Communication Training. We govern ourselves by a modified consensus model. It is important to us that everyone has a chance to express their views in a safe atmosphere and be heard. We have a conflict resolution policy and encourage community members to take the time to understand each other.

Current Residential Members

Oshkello Family

Oshkello Family

Sephirah-Stacey and Craig Oshkello together helped birth Living Tree Alliance in 2010, when they together wrote a business plan for the vision they shared.  Sephirah and Craig spent over a decade homesteading in Acworth, NH at Cold Pond Community Land Trust, before they moved to the Mad River Valley to grow  Living Tree Alliance.

In addition to working on Living Tree Alliance’s enrichment programs and co-housing development, they grow vegetables, chickens, sheep, and fertile soil. They have skills in community living that include conflict resolution, non-violent communication, resource sharing, and event planning.  

Their 2 children, Ayla ’01 and Adyn ’04 are the greatest joy of their life, and they enjoy spending time with them immersed in the beauty of Vermont.  

Soberman Family

Soberman Family

Glenn, Andrea and David Soberman lived in the Hudson Valley in the Hamlet of Wallkill for 20 years, before moving to Vermont to be part of Living Tree Alliance.  In addition to his practice as a clinical psychologist Glenn has been an organic gardener. 

Andrea is the director of Musical Munchkins, a developmental music and movement program for babies through 5 year olds.  David is working in the Burlington area.

Grubman Family

Grubman Family

Melanie, Judah and Ezra spend a lot of time bicycling the wonderful land of Vermont, searching out swimming holes, skate parks and maple creamees. You’ll see us usually covered in soil from the farm, sharing books and games with friends or surrounded by creations of legos, clay, cardboard and duct tape. Melanie helps to direct the education program at Living Tree Alliance, while keeping hands and body busy working as an aspiring mason. We are all excited about being human within our shared humanity in cohousing.

110 Living Tree Lane
PO Box 532
Moretown, VT 05660
(603) 387-8697

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