Oshkello Family

Stacey and Craig Oshkello together helped birth The Living Tree Alliance in 2010, when they together wrote a business plan for the vision they shared.  Stacey and Craig have spent over a decade homesteading in Acworth, NH at Cold Pond Community Land Trust.  

They are now living in the Mad River Valley, where they are growing Living Tree Alliance, in addition to vegetables, chickens, sheep, and fertile soil. They have skills in community living that include conflict resolution, non-violent communication, resource sharing, and event planning.  

Their 2 children, Ayla '01 and Adyn '04 are the greatest joy of their life, and they enjoy spending time with their children immersed in the beauty of Vermont.  Adyn is an avid baseball fan, and enjoys engaging in most sports including baseball, basketball, and skiing.  Ayla enjoys horseback riding, snowboarding, and traveling. 


Soberman Family

Glenn, Andrea and David Soberman have lived in the Hudson Valley in the Hamlet of Wallkill for the past 20 years.  In addition to his practice as a clinical psychologist Glenn has been an organic gardener. 

Andrea is the director of Musical Munchkins, a developmental music and movement program for babies through 5 year olds.  David is starting community college and loves Ami (our dog).