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Seasonal Poetry

Sometimes my soul lies latent, hibernating in velvet dens of Karma

Wounds healing to wisdom
Messages etched in crow’s paths flying from my eyes,
‘Bolding Accepted Impermanence’

Now. Slumbering soul stirred by dawnlovemaking’s sonata.
She stretches, hesitant.
Still enwraptured.
Still suspended in violet Northwest
by the fading music of midnite’s Emunah, I Awaken.

Here I am
Dear Beloved Present Presence

Now. Will aroused, renewed by sapphire waters,
She reaches into the week’s invitation.

Now, following the path of golden footsteps
I dance to the sunrise birdsong
already they fly towards sunset with
‘Boldly Accepted Impermanence’.


Tu B’av Retreat 2019 Event Photos

Reflections from Building Connections:  Tu B'Av on the Farm We are grateful for a successful pilot program of this summer's camping retreat at Living Tree Alliance in collaboration with Asiyah, Organic Torah, and ALEPH. Hosting 50 people here brought beautiful...

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