Interns are invited to join us for a three month or Year-Long exposure program.  

Throughout the year, we are immersed in community education, building, farming and the production land-based cultural festivals.

3 Month - 1 Year Internship Program

- Crop planning, propagation, harvesting, with draft horse work
- Cultivating healthy soil, composting, vermicomposting, cover cropping
- Pest management
- Animal care: sheep, chickens, horses, bees ( pending)
- Permaculture whole system design
- Wild edibles and herbal medicine

Jewish Spirituality:
- Bringing depth, meaning and joy to Jewish spiritual practice.
- Exploring the self- reflective rhythm of the Jewish calendar
- Community based ritual design and leadership
- Developing Shabbat consciousness
- Grounding Judaism in the hands through creating Judaica and other community art projects
- Nutrition consulting and seasonal cleansing connected to the Jewish calendar

Intentional Community:
- Group process and decision making
- Strategies for living communally
- Conflict resolution and non-violent communication
- Developing festival programming and ritual design that inspires transformation

Social Action and Leadership:
- Food donation distribution skills
- Working with community partner organizations
- Grant Writing
- Farm to School curriculum design

Blacksmithing Buddhas Program

The ability to command steel is the highest form of power in the world of craft. From it all other crafts can be understood and worked to our imaginations. Gaining the fluid confidence to move steel one must have precise and focused control of there hands and minds.  Blacksmithing Buddahs is an opportunity to move oneself in the direction of both self awareness and forgery.

Each time we meet for our 3 hour sessions we practice a technique of meditation for one hour and learn metal working with the other two. By studying ourselves and metal in this way we move quickly through the elementary stages of understanding and soon are able to let our imaginations create not just at the anvil but through out our lives.