A program to feel your optimal, for people dealing with auto-immune disease and chronic ailments with nutritionist and health coach Stacey Sephirah Oshkello, MS RD CD. This program will bring down your inflammatory response and allow you to feel nourished with radiant health.  We will review concepts of an anti-inflammatory diet, create delicious meal plans, and explore your unique needs while reducing your overall pain. It is remarkable how much better people feel with a few tweaks to their dietary intake. Enhance your body’s ability to heal, and sign up today.


Individual 6 week and 12 week Programs On-going – Free 20 minute Intro sessions available upon request.  Email Sephirah at s.oshkello@gmail.com to schedule now.


Group 6 week – Anti-Inflammatory Diet Program 


        6 Week Session – Monday January 26 – March 1; 7:30pm ET – on Zoom 


3- week Spring Cleanse Program online:  every May

            MAY 26 – JUNE 9 – Online 

To register reach out to Sephirah s.oshkello@gmail.com 

Sephirah supports motivated people to start listening to their bodies’ hidden messages, in order to overcome  chronic inflammation, disease, and emotional eating through Earth-based Integrative Nutrition™. Earth-based Integrative Nutrition™ is a holistic approach to wellness that affirms our own innate wisdom and recognizes that the foundation for health stems from nourishing ourselves with healing foods & healthy relationships. By integrating proven dietary shifts, meaningful connection and  adequate self care, together we open the door to more energy, satisfaction, and replenishment that awakens possibility and purpose in life  Clients ultimately develop mastery in tuning into their body’s innate wisdom and nourishing their way to wellness, connection and joy.